.NET development is one of the core areas of Latas SIA expertise. .NET key benefits are integrated toolset, quite simple programming model and language compliance. Tight integration with Windows OS brings extra values to our customers. We do all from simple web applications development or desktop application development to sophisticated distributive business solutions development. We have experienced .NET developers ready to implement any business requirements into reliable and scalable high-end applications using ASP.NET or WinForms, SharePoint.

Our .NET development services offers you quality applications and custom solutions including:

Software development

Web development

SharePoint development

Mobile application development based on .NET CF

Migration of desktop / web applications to .NET platform

.NET application development consulting

Online games development

Advantages of ASP.NET development:

Any application can operate with other applications, running on different technology and hardware, in turn lowering the operation costs. This results in ample savings.

Bring on one platform all your internal applications, your partners and customers.

Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET and the .NET Framework supports varied languages, helping developers to focus on work without learning a new language that can do the job.

Employees can look for updated information on desktop applications, internet browsers or even mobile devices.

Speedy development.

Ability of cross platform migration.

High Reliability. The .NET Framework ensures that all the components the application depends on are available on the computer before the application begins execution.

Rigorous Security.

Easy configuration of applications.

Vast and enriched Class library, features, controls.

Easy debugging. Visual Studio .NET and other third party providers provide several debugging tools that simplify application development.

WinForms is the name given to the graphical application programming interface (API) included as a part of Microsoft's .NET Framework, providing access to the native Microsoft Windows interface elements.

The Microsoft .NET Framework is a software framework that can be installed on computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems. Application development is done using a large library of ready solutions to common programming problems and a virtual machine that manages the execution of programs written specifically for the framework. The .NET Framework development extends possibilities of most new applications developed for the Windows platform.

NET platform development includes ASP.NET using both C# and VB.NET, WinForms, web services, XML, SQL Server etc.

ASP.NET stands for Active Server Pages . It is a free technology that allows programmers to create rich dynamic web applications, web pages and web technologies. This is an integral part of Microsoft's .NET framework and a very valuable tool for programmers and developers as it allows them building applications using compiled languages like VB and C#. At present ASP.NET abets more than twenty five .NET languages which also includes built-in support for C# which is called as C sharp, Visual Basic.NET and JAVA Script and also it does not requires any tool. Thus it gives an extraordinary litheness in the selection of language.

ASP.NET Development - Web Solutions

Welcome to our web expertise page where you can check some major ASP.NET development experience. Over the last years we've developed many web applications using ASP.NET. Our standard is clean user interface, extended functionality and scalability of ASP.NET-based applications.

If you are looking for the ASP.NET developer who can give you an effective web software development, you have found it. We are able to develop ASP.NET web application or software of any complexity with high quality and at reasonable price.

ASP.NET is used to develop different web applications and web services. This is a part of Windows.NET Framework. Being an outsourcing .NET development company we provide the following services:

ASP.NET application development for web;

ASP.NET websites and portals development;

Web service development;

Integration of custom ASP.NET application into the existing software and systems (SRP,  CRM, etc.).

Using ASP.NET for web development you get several big advantages. This technology helps to develop web application in short time since it has built-in tool for code cleaning and optimization. Due to this the software product operation speed becomes fast and more effective as compared to other .NET-based solutions. Since application can be developed faster, you as a customer get another benefit of ASP.NET development – project budget becomes smaller.

Our team gives each client the best possible solution available. Our .NET developers provide quality ASP.NET application with maximum implementation of your requirements. Besides ASP.NET web aplications and wed services we provide application development for Windows and add-ons development for Microsoft Office application.

Depending on your needs we may switch between different .NET technologies to deliver most effective tool for you and your business. We can implement your ASP.NET project using other technologies: SharePoint or even PHP integration.