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 The wall plug  RGBW controller Door / window sensor 

Flood sensor 

Smoke detector 

 Heating thermostat

The wall plug

FIBARO Wall Plug with power metering feature is an intelligent, ultimate plug & play, extremely compact, most sophisticated, remotely controlled outlet adapter.
This highly functional wall plug can be applied wherever you want to control electrical devices, while monitoring power consumption in a convenient and maintenance-free way.

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plug 01

Extremely Compact and Beautiful

FIBARO Wall Plug is the smallest and most attractive device of this type available in the world. Its modern design perfectly fits in with any interior design. Look at the surface smoothness and its beautiful crystal power ring.

RGBW controller

Unearthly potential

Unleash your fantasy decorating a living-room or bathroom. Create illumination effect to match weather conditions, your mood or a special occasion. 3 million colours on hand, waiting for your ideas!Fibaro RGBW Controller is one of a kind, advanced wireless 4-colour LED strips controller. Apart from traditional RGB channels it, also supports the additional white light channel, which allows for adding pastel colours to the colour scheme. The device may control up to four analogue sensors. 

rgbw controller 

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Fibaro RGBW Controller controls three as well as four colour LED strips giving you milions of colours of light.

image3 sensor

Analogue sensors

Fibaro RGBW Controller has four analogue inputs supporting any sensors, e.g. light sensors, wind sensors, pressure sensors and potentiometers operating within 0-10V range.

image4 out

Four output channels

Four output channels allow for connecting and independently controlling each of connected light sources.


Door/Window Sensor

The Door/window sensor is a battery powered reed sensor. It's operation under the z-wave standard guarantees compatibility with the Fibaro system. The sensor expands the capabilities of the system by monitoring the opening of doors, windows and garage doors. It is used in automatic light control, access control and property protection systems. Installation of the Door / Window Sensor in your home increases the safety and comfort of its inhabitants. It also eliminates the risk of high fees for heating or air conditioning. In addition, the module can be equipped with a temperature sensor, and use the built-in binary input.

door window1


The Door/window sensor combines the functionality of 4 devices:


Reed sensor


Binary input


Temperature sensor


Scenes switch


sceny eng1Button "leaving home / homecoming"  as on/off in the pre-defined devices.

sceny eng2Connect a traditional switch to the FIBARO module and indicate a pre-programmed scene in HC2 to start.  Make a number of clicks on switch an indicator to run a specific scene.

sceny eng3Switch, which in conjunction with the RFID reader (e.g. car module) will open the gate to the property, raise the door to the garage, start ventilation inside, turn on lights  on the driveway and the road to the house, and finally closes the gate.