Project Development Process

Latas SIA approach to project development aims at providing you with best customer services, high-end products, satisfying your requirements and developed under strict quality control. All projects start with a customer request for development and its analysis. Each our client has a unique business, so our analysts' primary duty is to go deeply into your business details. This is the first step towards successful projects or long time mutual beneficial relationships.

We value our clients and their time that's why each request is important and is being replied in 1-2 business days. During the estimation period analysts may contact you to get some additional information or to offer some improvement ideas to consider. In case you need some advice to complete your request or to choose the most appropriate decision, they are ready to help you too and let your idea achieve its full potential. After our analysts and clients come to an agreement upon the final requirements list an offer is developed. Depending on the project complexity this may take us 3-6 business days.

Each our offer includes detailed description of our team vision of the project. On request we can develop virtual model of the future portal or system and you will have a possibility to see real look and feel, navigation, functions. This is important part as it helps to find out whether all needs are taken into consideration. We add resources and timeline details into the offer. It gives the client a possibility to get a clear understanding of how we plan to spend the efforts and funds. After the client confirms the offer we start the project development. Sufficicent risk assurance methods allow us to be sure in project development success.

We try to make development process be transparent for our clients. So you can have reports on the work process and even participate in it.

Our main concern is high product quality when business concerns safety, usability and operation. That's why we follow strict quality assurance standards which help us to acieve success and satisfy our clients.