Partnership strategy

Latas SIA is open to establish partnership relations with both businesses and persons. Running a business with partners is a great way to get your business to a higher level. A combination of business talents and a solid business plan driven by teamwork can bring success much more quickly than the efforts of a single individual.

Sustaining and expanding mutually beneficial collaboration is our priority. We are interested in long-term strategic business relationship with software development companies, small and medium-sized worldwide agents and individual investors. At the same time we offer reselling with our brand and with your brand. 

Partnership with Latas SIA is grounded on a common vision, professional integrity and mutual trust. We can provide you with information, support and state-of-the-art solutions to meet the challenges in web and software application development.

We can help you in project development as your brand vendors. Share your ideas and plans with us and use our experience to implement your project when it's outside of your company expertise. This is a cost-effective solution giving a possibility to save funds,efforts and make a productive tandem with professionals.

In case you have a long term project which requires constant support and grows in the course of time, online community or ERP system, we can offer you a dedicated team, which will be completed with necessary experts - developers, designers.

Being Latas SIA partner you get:

reduction of spending;
time-to-market decrease;
market presence extension;
product and business diversification.